Juju, black magic, agbala, call it what you want, they all mean the same. Back in High school tales abounded of it. There were boys who were supposed to have powers to teleport to town and back, girls who could bewitch the boy of their dreams, and those dreaded few who had the power of supernatural punishment for those who dared cross them.

There was Gazonga who would chew on broken glass bottles and swallow it just for the fun of it. There were some who swore he could levitate and had seen him do it. He never denied it, neither did he ever confirm it, but such were the rumours around him that many believed he might even be able to raise the dead!

Then there was Kay Gee. No one knows where and how he got his powers, or if indeed he even had any; his claims were mostly self-originating. He could summon dwarfs, and make them do his bidding, were some of the more ridiculous rumours making the rounds.  

But no matter how much uninclined to the supernatural you were, there were some occurrences which would have made the most die-hard unbeliever question his beliefs.

During our first year in Triple H, we woke up to the news one morning that a dozen or so boys and girls had been caught breaking bounds; they had been to a fun fair in a different school miles away and had been spotted by an informant. Following the trend of such incidents in Triple H, we all knew what was to happen next; suspension, most likely indefinite or at the very best internal. Soon enough the culprits had gone through the largely procedural process of the disciplinary committee, and their impending dismissal seemed inevitable.

On the weekend before the expected announcement, there was a thunder storm, the likes of which I had never seen before; absolutely no rain, just thunder and lightning. People were thrown to the ground by the sheer force of the thunder alone. It was the kind of thing for which you would have had to be there to appreciate the magnitude of. It was definitely beyond the natural, for those of you who believe, it was supernatural.

An air of excitement hung in the sky the morning of the expected announcement at Assembly. Prayers were said, then the unfortunate few were called forward, and after stating their offence, the headmaster took a step back…we all waited with baited breath for the gauntlet to fall…

What followed next was nigh on unbelievable and next to impossible in Triple H, the Headmaster gave an amnesty. It was his birthday supposedly, so he had forgiven them all…         

There was a hushed silence, and then we all broke out into loud murmurings. We knew there was something definitely eerie about that thunder storm, but this announcement had confirmed the rumours which were going around…apparently a couple of the students had taken the case to the feared deity , nogokpo, and that the thunder  and lightning  had been sent to warn the headmaster off .

I witnessed that that thunder storm, the memories of which still live within me, I never had and till now, haven’t still seen anything like it.

There is nothing High school boys liked to hear better than tales of mystic fights fuelled by the devil’s messengers themselves, and one such tale is what I’m about to tell…

Bakus and Kay-gee were students of Triple H and in Trost house. It all started one dry harmattan night in dorm B. A little squabble over gari and shito spiralled into a full blown brawl on lawn four. Standing less than a metre apart from one another, upper cuts and head butts were exchanged. Some swore fireballs were thrown. A coconut cracked in two when Bakus missed a blow aimed at Kay-gee’s head, and then the ground beneath them shook, almost splitting the earth in two. Bakus in a rage raised his hand, drawing lightning from the sky, which Kay Gee repelled with a defensive shield he summoned from a nearby tree…

I believed this story with all my heart (yes, I never actually witnessed it)  up to yesterday when I met Kay-Gee after almost five years, and his own version of events compared to the legend was a huge upset and really disappointing.

To begin with, the fight stayed in the dorm and never made it to the lawn. Secondly Kay- Gee on his own account never actually managed to land a blow; Bakus intercepted his only aimed blow and lifted him up and slammed him against the bed. That was as far as the action got, for the other boys soon intervened.

So no fire balls were thrown it turns out, neither did the ground shake, Kay-Gee bowed out of that fight with a whimper.  

To be honest, that fight had sounded quite incredulous all along, but I had been inclined to believe it along with the others. Perhaps, the solemnity with which the tale was handed down, along with the mystic personas the likes of Bakus and Kay-Gee walked around with helped fuel those beliefs.

That lightning and thunder storm was no myth though, I saw it with my own eyes and felt my body tremble at the sound of the thunder. No matter what you say, I tell you the supernatural well and truly exists, and so would all who witnessed that storm on that fateful day at Triple H.


6 thoughts on “HIGH SCHOOL…agbala…

  1. I did witness the storm that day also. I remember hiding under my bed cos it was scary.

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