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Moments of Bliss-Season 3…episode 5

Here we go again!

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Episode 5

Counting the last five, I had missed about fifty of her calls over the past two days. I didn’t plan calling back either. I put the phone back in my pocket and lay back in my office chair. She had left Kumasi two days ago, or rather was ‘forced’ to leave.

She had been around for almost a week by then, and had shown no signs of wanting to leave anytime soon. It may have been that she was waiting for the money, and not wanting to seem pushy by asking again, chose rather to stay longer than arranged, and hope I would volunteer it on my own. But that wasn’t going to happen. Most especially because not only did I not have ten thousand dollars lying around which I could just give out, and in this case most definitely with no hope of getting it back, but also because there had never been any such intention on my part of giving her any sort of money whatsoever, nevermind dollars.

I had to device a way to get her to leave without it looking like I was forcing her out, because she kept pushing forward the dates. First it was Tuesday, then Thursday, now she was talking of spending another weekend. Something had to be done, and I had an ace to play.

I sent Kwame the text…

“Chale, SOS…we for go Sunyani”

It needed no further explanation, it was a working strategy. Kwame was one of my guys at work, and we had an arrangement between ourselves; whenever one of us needed to get rid of an unwanted guest, a call was placed by the other…and received on loud speaker. She hadn’t seemed pleased when I told her I needed to leave town that evening. She had already heard the conversation I had with Kwame, I made sure of that; making sure to receive the call in her hearing…

“Chale, how be? Boss say some yawa for Sunyani oo…we for go fix um quick before morning else serious yawa”

I acted vexed and frustrated, and even though she was not best pleased herself, seeing as I was equally upset, she couldn’t complain much. I packed a bag, and waited for her to pack hers, and then together we headed for the bus terminal. I paid for my ticket to Sunyani, and then we paid for hers to Accra. We said our goodbyes, with me promising to call her, and got on our respective buses. A few minutes later, her bus was fully loaded and set off. Then I returned my ticket and went back home.

I’m not callous, but Ewurama was the kind of girl who needed to be taught a lesson, the kind of lesson you never forget, and I had been chosen to deliver that experience. During the two to three years I had lost direct contact with her, and whilst she was in school, Rockson had encountered her a few times on campus. On one of these occasions, he had been with a friend of ours, Horla. Horla had expressed interest in her, and though Rockson had warned him off due too her habit of making excessive demands, he still went ahead to make advances, and true to form she didn’t disappoint. She had told him the exact same thing she told me when we first met.

So when Rockson and Horla saw that text I had received from her, there was a clear consensus that something had to be done, and so the plan was hatched. They even chipped in for the plane ticket. She couldn’t keep doing this! Someone had to stop her, and that someone was me.

It had been over a month now since Ewurama happened, It was a Saturday and I had come to Accra for the weekend. I had planned earlier with Rockson to meet up, but his phone had been off for the past three hours. I was home with nothing to do, so I decided to go over to his place anyway. I picked an uber, still trying his line along the way, but it was still off. He lived at Abelenkpe, just about twenty minutes away from me. As we pulled up in front of the house, I noticed a grey corolla move up beside us on the other side of the road. I recognized it as Serwaa’s, Serwaa was Rockson’s girlfriend, or let’s just say one of them. She saw me and came up to the car, ” Is he around? I’ve been calling him for the past two hours but can’t reach him” I told her I didn’t know and hadn’t been able to reach him myself. She went on inside the compound ahead of me whilst I paid the driver.

A few moments later as I was walking along the lawn to the back of the house where his room was, and just before I got to the turn before his door, Serwaa rushed back past me, close to tears. Startled, I rushed towards his room, noticing a pair of ladies’ slippers on the mat in front. Rockson appeared at the door bare-chested, and about to chase up on Serwaa. He looked alarmed when he saw me, and stood in the entrance as if trying to block me from coming in. At that moment, a female voice I recognized shouted out from inside the room, “who was that?”

Then she appeared behind him…It was Ewurama…


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