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Moments of Bliss-Season 3…omnibus, with the NEW EPISODE 4!

So after a long break, we’re finally back!

To refreshen our memories, this is an omnibus of the episodes so far in season 3, complete with the new Episode 4!

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Episode 1

I first met Ewurama three years ago, back when I used to work in Accra.

It was a Friday night, and together with Rockson, who was a colleague from work, I was on my way home from an after-work hang out. Rockson was at the wheel, and we were driving through Abelenkpe to join the highway towards the Kwame Nkrumah Circle when we saw her. She was walking in the opposite direction to us, holding a pack of food.

Light skinned with braided her, the reflection from the street lights above made her glow even more. Rockson slowed down as we both tried to get a proper look as she walked by, and then fifty metres ahead he braked…

“chale, make we talk to um”.

We had a brief discussion as to who would speak to her, and then agreed that I should, since my window was closest to her. We reversed and came to a stop a couple of metres ahead of her, and then waited as she walked towards us.

We gave her a lift home, and after taking her number we went home ourselves.

This wasn’t love at first sight, not because she wasn’t good looking of course, but maybe because I was in for something other than love. But she was definitely someone I wanted to see more of though.
The usual dates and long calls followed. She was a nurse who had recently gone back to school to further upgrade her qualifications.

We kept seeing each other occasionally for about a month, and then one day she invited me home. She lived around Dzorwulu, in a single room. We spent the evening snacking and watched a movie.

Halfway through the movie, I slipped my hand down the side of her shorts. She moved my hand away, smiled and then got up from the edge of the bed where she had been sitting all this while. Standing and facing me, she asked what I wanted.

“It’s obvious isn’t it”, I replied,  trying to hide my frustration. Her brows furrowed as she replied, “Sex”?

I scoffed, “no, not that,… I want a relationship”

She stood quiet for a moment, and then moved to the wardrobe in the corner and began folding some clothes.

She stayed by the wardrobe for the rest of the time I was there. I left thirty minutes later, but not before she had accepted my proposal, albeit with a few conditions;

It was simple, all she expected from any guy who wanted to go out with her was that he would take care of her expenses; which she listed below as follows…

Her school fees ( First Degree Nursing)



And also, she needed a television and airconditioner…


Episode 2

It was simple, all she expected from any guy who wanted to go out with her was that he would take care of her expenses; which she listed below as follows…

Her school fees (First Degree Nursing)



And also, she needed a television and air conditioner…


Those were the first words that came to mind, and I was just short of saying it out loud, but I restrained myself and kept an unfazed composure.

At this point, the only thing worse than her list was the fact that she seemed to think she was perfectly within her rights to demand such things!

Truth is I wasn’t the least bit fazed, I had found myself in similar situations many times before, and the template was always the same; play along for a while, flash a few Cedis or create such an illusion to draw her in, and then once she thought she had sucked you in deep enough, you struck first, leaving a clean pair of heels behind you; Classic sucker punch.

This was a previously tried and tested method, with a hundred percent success rate so far, but with Ewurama, I had hit a snag I hadn’t bargained for. She was no novice to this game, in fact she seemed to be so experienced that for each card I played she seemed to have a pack of aces waiting up her sleeve. To start with, I think she realized I wasn’t your average “mugu”, and so played a very patient game with me. What she didn’t know was that I was the spirit of patience itself; I could play the devil to the waiting game and would win.

Days stretched to months and soon enough a whole year had gone by, and all we had done together were a few pizza dates, a couple of visits to the movies and I think that was it.

If she thought I was actually going to pay her fees, when I was scarcely able to afford my own further studies, she had gravely misjudged me, because from the moment those words left her lips, I had determined not to fall victim to this rare species of gold digger.

Naturally, with me not fulfilling the terms of her contract, and with her not giving me any real pressure, we drifted apart, so far apart that it had been over a year we had heard from each other, when I got her text.

“Hi honey. Hope u good? I Know I’ve been a bad partner but I’ve been so busy with some stuff. I’m a bit free now so I thought it wise to contact you so we talk. Forgive me, but I’ve always loved you.”

I instantly recognized this as a scam of some sort, but a part of me felt I had a bit of unfinished business to carry out, and so I responded, and decided to take the game to her this time. I had to act quickly; I was in Accra for the weekend and was due to return to Kumasi the following day.

The plan was to convince her to come along with me, but in order for it to work, I had to create the illusion of me flashing the Cedis around, “abi you know dada”?

Knowing she probably wouldn’t want to travel the long journey by coach, and knowing her taste for the high life, I called in a few favours and managed to get two Star bow tickets to Kumasi.

True to expectation, she didn’t sound at all enthused when I suggested a coach ride to Kumasi. However, when I chipped in the fact that I had two air tickets booked for the purpose, she suddenly became very interested in the trip.

I made the necessary “preparations” both in Accra and in Kumasi for when we arrived; I had a pick up waiting at the airport with my “driver” on standby to take us home. It is in such situations that the most invaluable friends play the most crucial of roles.

On arrival, we were chauffeured first to get her pizza and chicken and then home. When we got home, there was a “messenger” waiting for me in front of my flat with a special order of ice cream for the lady. At this point you could almost touch the admiration in her eyes. I must admit I was mightily impressed myself at the level of first rate acting my most reliable of lieutenants came up with to create such a perfect illusion of affluence and extravagance, which was so crucial to the task at hand.

I escorted her inside to the bedroom and then took leave to see the “driver” off. Back downstairs and in the pick-up, we were joined by Frank, my supposed “messenger” who couldn’t keep back his laughter, ” herh, but chale she fine oo” Sarpong, who was my “driver” agreed with him, ” the chic fine muom” …

We had a good laugh together and then I left them to go back upstairs.

I could hear her in the shower as I entered the hall. It was rather hot inside and so I took off my shirt and with a mixed feeling of excitement and expectation, I headed for the bedroom.


Episode 3

Flicking the airconditioner switch on, I dragged my shirt back over my head and then flung myself onto the bed.

I pulled the curtains closer together to darken the room even more, and then switched the television on. I tuned into a movie channel, and lay my head back on the pillows staring up at the ceiling. After a few moments of blankness, I noticed the shower had stopped running; this meant she was done and would be back in the bedroom any moment. I quickly pulled off my jeans and dragged a pair of shorts on. Opening the wardrobe I fingered around a little before I found what I was looking for; I quickly ripped the pack open and pulled a packet out, stuffing it quickly into my back pocket. It was at that moment that she walked in from the bathroom dressed up in a pair of shorts and a see through black spaghetti-strap top.

Walking towards me she gave me a hug before lying down on the bed and rolling towards the edge against the wall. She turned a quick flash towards me before reaching for the cover cloth and slowly pulled it over her body, and then finally over her head.

laying down beside her I slid my hand beneath the sheets, resting it on her knee, and then with my other hand, I turned her over. She rolled over, seemingly a bit hesistant, and stared me in the eye for a few seconds. By this point my hands were rubbing on her thighs, inching up from the starting position on her knee. She had started squirming and making little sounds of pleasure now, but as I reached my hands further up, she reached down and held my hand tight, moving them away from the zipper and button on her shorts.

I moved my hand and rested it on her shoulder, gently playing with the strap of her top. She had a cold, hard look on her face, but her body movements beneath the sheets betrayed her demeanor.

In other words, her body seemed willing, but her mind wasn’t…or was it?

I slid the strap gently down her shoulder, playfully tickling her along the way. Her eyes closed as she let out a gentle sigh. With my other hand I gently slid up her top, revealing her belly button, with which I started to play. But again, just when it seemed she was ready to let herself go, she again stopped me by holding my hand which had wandered from on top of her navel back down to her shorts button. She turned to face me again, and as she did I cupped her chin in my hands and drew closer towards her lips, her eyes closing as my lips touched hers. They were soft and wet, and her hands reached out to hold me around the neck drawing me even closer. But as my chest touched her breasts, she again seemed startled by something and pushed me slowly away. It was as if something was on her mind and bothering her. She didn’t keep me wondering any longer though,

“baby, I need a favour”, I nodded for her to continue, “I need ten thousand cedis for a project”.

I almost gagged, but kept a cool face.

“what for”? I could barely conceal the giggle almost coming out of my mouth.

“For a project I’m starting, just let me know if you can get it for me, I will give you the details later”.

In my mind, I was shaking my head, but I nodded at her and said I would see what I could do. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek, ” even if it’s less, eight thousand ‘koraa’ I can manage it.”

I smiled at her and replied, “no worries baby, I’ll see what I can do”, and then slid my hand back into the sheets, this time reaching straight for the zipper, and with my lips I reached for the spaghetti strap on her shoulder, licking her gently as I rolled it over her arm. She didn’t resist this time as I pulled the zip all the way down, undoing the button as well. By now my tongue was in the gap between her breasts and her moans of delight were louder now than just a few sighs.

Gently slipping down her shorts with one hand, and expertly sliding up her top with the other, I definitely gave a new angle to the meaning of ambidextrousity.

With her shorts on her ankles and her top all but off her body, I was startled when she again held my hand and gave me another push; do you have protection?

I smiled to myself as I reached into my back pocket, “of course I do”


Episode 4

I woke up to a warm feeling, with beads of sweat dripping from my face and chest. It was pitch dark outside. Peering through the curtains I realised even the street lights were out.

Must be another blackout I thought to myself.

That explained why I was sweating so much, because the air conditioning was off.

Ewurama rolled over briefly, startled out of her sleep by my movement. It took a few seconds for me to focus my orientations, and then my mind went back to the night before; the excitement, and then the anti-climax.

“do you have protection?” … “of course I do” …

We were both almost naked now, and enthralled in the throes of passion. Arms wrapped tightly each other with just the final act of love to bind us closer, and then that’s when she bailed out…

“No” … Initially I ignored her barely audible protests, mistaking them to be disguised implorations for me to carry on…But it soon became pretty clear that she wasn’t playing around when she said,

“NO! stop it”, pushing my hand away from in between her legs, she turned awayfrom me, “let’s sleep” I’m tired…


I peered through the dark to see if her eyes were closed. They were, I tried rolling her towards me to see what her reaction would be. She was stiff, and apart from a slight shrug of her shoulders, she wouldn’t budge. From the angle of the moon, and the distant crows of a cock, it must have been early dawn. I dragged myself to the bathroom and washed my face, then went to the hall. I wasn’t sleepy enough to go back to bed, and going to lie beside her again might just arouse me once more. I propped myself up against the wall and slid down to a sitting position and closed my eyes.

A few moments later I was startled by the feel of soft hands on my shoulders and a voice asking, “are you ok”?

Ewurama, perhaps wondering why I hadn’t come back to bed had come to see what was wrong. She wrapped her hands around my neck, biting gently on my ears, “baby, you remember the favour I asked you for? something came up, I need a bit more than that”.

I closed my eyes tightly and then opened them back after a minute, turned to look at her and said, “talk to me”.

“I need ten thousand dollars”.

 I almost choked on my saliva.

The ten thousand cedis ‘mpo’, I had no idea where I could get such money, now dollars!

I paused for a moment, flicking my fingers and rolling my eyes, as if to suggest I was trying to figure something out. Then feigning interest, I turned back to her, “what exactly is this project about”?

Then she started on about a boutique she was starting, and that she had all the plans in place, and had even almost completed furnishing the container, and now all she needed was money to get started.

“I see, but ten thousand dollars is a lot of money, I don’t have that kind of money”. I noticed her brows twitch a little as she replied, “don’t worry baby, how much can you get me for now”? I stalled for a moment before replying, “I’m not sure yet, I need to check my investments, can you give me a week”? Excited she clung to me tighter, let’s go back to bed. I dragged myself of the floor and together we made our way back to the bedroom. The electricity was still out but the moonlight had begun to filter in a bit more, and so it wasn’t as dark as it had been, even though it was still as warm. She pulled me closer towards her as we got to the bed and looked me in the eye, “baby, are you sure about the money”? I looked straight back at her, “I promise baby, anything for you”. She leant forward on me, the unexpected reaction pushing me back on to the bed. I held her tight, as she reached into my shorts and grabbed me. Then she leant forward and started to kiss me. This time as I reached for her zipper and slid her shorts down, she willed me on, grabbing harder between my legs. I was sweating more than ever now, not from the heat, but the excitment.

The moon it seemed in its silver glow, was rooting for me as it shone its dim and gentle light through the gaps in the curtains.

This time she didnt even ask for protection, but I still had it in the back of my pocket.

As I slid in gently, the crowing cock in the distance let out an approving “cock-a-doodle-doo”!!! 



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