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Moments of Bliss-Season 3…episode 3

Here we go again!

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Episode 3

Flicking the airconditioner switch on, I dragged my shirt back over my head and then flung myself onto the bed.

I pulled the curtains closer together to darken the room even more, and then switched the television on. I tuned into a movie channel, and lay my head back on the pillows staring up at the ceiling. After a few moments of blankness, I noticed the shower had stopped running; this meant she was done and would be back in the bedroom any moment. I quickly pulled off my jeans and dragged a pair of shorts on. Opening the wardrobe I fingered around a little before I found what I was looking for; I quickly ripped the pack open and pulled a packet out, stuffing it quickly into my back pocket. It was at that moment that she walked in from the bathroom dressed up in a pair of shorts and a see through black spaghetti-strap top. 

Walking towards me she gave me a hug before lying down on the bed and rolling towards the edge against the wall. She turned a quick flash towards me before reaching for the cover cloth and slowly pulled it over her body, and then finally over her head. 

laying down beside her I slid my hand beneath the sheets, resting it on her knee, and then with my other hand, I turned her over. She rolled over, seemingly a bit hesistant, and stared me in the eye for a few seconds. By this point my hands were rubbing on her thighs, inching up from the starting position on her knee. She had started squirming and making little sounds of pleasure now, but as I reached my hands further up, she reached down and held my hand tight, moving them away from the zipper and button on her shorts.

I moved my hand and rested it on her shoulder, gently playing with the strap of her top. She had a cold, hard look on her face, but her body movements beneath the sheets betrayed her demeanor.

In other words, her body seemed willing, but her mind wasn’t…or was it?

I slid the strap gently down her shoulder, playfully tickling her along the way. Her eyes closed as she let out a gentle sigh. With my other hand I gently slid up her top, revealing her belly button, with which I started to play. But again, just when it seemed she was ready to let herself go, she again stopped me by holding my hand which had wandered from on top of her navel back down to her shorts button. She turned to face me again, and as she did I cupped her chin in my hands and drew closer towards her lips, her eyes closing as my lips touched hers. They were soft and wet, and her hands reached out to hold me around the neck drawing me even closer. But as my chest touched her breasts, she again seemed startled by something and pushed me slowly away. It was as if something was on her mind and bothering her. She didn’t keep me wondering any longer though, 

“baby, I need a favour”, I nodded for her to continue, “I need ten thousand cedis for a project”.

I almost gagged, but kept a cool face. 

“what for”? I could barely conceal the giggle almost coming out of my mouth.

“For a project I’m starting, just let me know if you can get it for me, I will give you the details later”.

In my mind, I was shaking my head, but I nodded at her and said I would see what I could do. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek, ” even if it’s less, eight thousand ‘koraa’ I can manage it.”

I smiled at her and replied, “no worries baby, I’ll see what I can do”, and then slid my hand back into the sheets, this time reaching straight for the zipper, and with my lips I reached for the spaghetti strap on her shoulder, licking her gently as I rolled it over her arm. She didn’t resist this time as I pulled the zip all the way down, undoing the button as well. By now my tongue was in the gap between her breasts and her moans of delight were louder now than just a few sighs.

Gently slipping down her shorts with one hand, and expertly sliding up her top with the other, I definitely gave a new angle to the meaning of ambidextrousity. 

With her shorts on her ankles and her top all but off her body, I was startled when she again held my hand and gave me another push; do you have protection?

I smiled to myself as I reached into my back pocket, “of course I do”…


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7 thoughts on “Moments of Bliss-Season 3…episode 3

  1. Hi, i must say you’re a good writer. I can’t believed i spent 3hrs just this morning to read all the stories starting from Season 1 to 3……. couldn’t stop laughing all by myself. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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