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Moments Of Bliss-Season 3…episode 1

Welcome to Season Three of Moments of Bliss!

Follow me as we find out how Yao is going to get over his disappointment with Ekua.

And of course, you didnt think Frank and the boys were just gonna vanish into thin air did you?!

One thing I can guarantee you is suspense!



Episode 1



I first met Ewurama three years ago, back when I used to work in Accra.

It was a Friday night, and together with Rockson, who was a colleague from work, I was on my way home from an after-work hang out. Rockson was at the wheel, and we were driving through Abelenkpe to join the highway towards the Kwame Nkrumah Circle when we saw her. She was walking in the opposite direction to us, holding a pack of food.

Light skinned with braided her, the reflection from the street lights above made her glow even more. Rockson slowed down as we both tried to get a proper look as she walked by, and then fifty metres ahead he braked…

“chale, make we talk to um”.

We had a brief discussion as to who would speak to her, and then agreed that I should, since my window was closest to her. We reversed and came to a stop a couple of metres ahead of her, and then waited as she walked towards us.

We gave her a lift home, and after taking her number we went home ourselves.

This wasn’t love at first sight, not because she wasn’t good looking of course, but maybe because I was in for something other than love. But she was definitely someone I wanted to see more of though.
The usual dates and long calls followed. She was a nurse who had recently gone back to school to further upgrade her qualifications.

We kept seeing each other occasionally for about a month, and then one day she invited me home. She lived around Dzorwulu, in a single room. We spent the evening snacking and watched a movie.

Halfway through the movie, I slipped my hand down the side of her shorts. She moved my hand away, smiled and then got up from the edge of the bed where she had been sitting all this while. Standing and facing me, she asked what I wanted.

“It’s obvious isn’t it”, I replied,  trying to hide my frustration. Her brows furrowed as she replied, “Sex”?

I scoffed, “no, not that,… I want a relationship”

She stood quiet for a moment, and then moved to the wardrobe in the corner and began folding some clothes.

She stayed by the wardrobe for the rest of the time I was there. I left thirty minutes later, but not before she had accepted my proposal, albeit with a few conditions;

It was simple, all she expected from any guy who wanted to go out with her was that he would take care of her expenses; which she listed below as follows…

Her school fees ( First Degree Nursing)



And also, she needed a television and airconditioner…


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