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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 10…Season Finale.

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Episode 10: Season Finale…

Even though this was the second time she had done this, it somehow felt different this time around; there was a lot more conviction in her voice for one, and it seemed she had given it a lot of thought. She sounded strong, and looked determined when she stared into my eyes without blinking. Perhaps most telling, and that which condemned my heart to defeat, were my own instincts. They told me this was real, and not to fight it, and so I didn’t…well at least eventually.

The first few days were unimaginably difficult. She still called, to ‘check up on me’, sent me messages on Facebook and WhatsApp, and generally tried to keep the lines open. But try as I did, I just couldn’t act tough. I soon found myself begging for a proper explanation; what was wrong with me? Did I do some things she didn’t like?…But she wouldn’t budge, she just kept saying the same things; that we just weren’t right for each other…whatever that meant.

Soon I was asking her to reconsider her decision, which she insisted she couldn’t. It was a painful couple of days which tested my emotional fortitude to the limit, and then miraculously, because I hadn’t expected it to be so soon, I was suddenly able to blank out most of the thoughts and memories.

I still think about her every now and then, and we even met up a few months after for dinner, but it wasn’t the same.

Sometimes I wonder what could have been, but I guess some things are just not meant to be.

And Ekua wasn’t…
It wasn’t soon after that I moved on, and the story I’m going to tell you next has some rather incredulous details, some which may seem exaggerated, but which I assure you, are accurate to the very last last detail.
It was the last day of the Easter holidays, which I had been spending with my parents and brother somewhere in the Eastern Region. It was late evening and we had just finished the usual holiday ritual of fufu and light soup, when my phone started ringing. It was Ewurama. I muted it, lay my head back on the pillow, ignoring the subsequent vibrations which meant she was still calling.

I woke up some minutes later realising I had dozed off. Checking my phone, I saw I had a few whatsApp notifications including one from Ewurama…

“Hi honey. Hope u good? I Know I’ve been a bad partner but I’ve been so busy with some stuff. I’m a bit bit free now so I thought it wise to contact you so we talk. Forgive me, but I’ve always loved you.”

This was strange, especially since I hadn’t  heard from Ewurama in over a year, but knowing Ewurama, I think I knew what she was up to…


Watch out for season 3!!!.


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2 thoughts on “Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 10…Season Finale.

  1. I had to read episode 9 to refresh my mind. I can imagine how it feels, I so relate to been “bounced”
    Let season 3 come quick

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