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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 8

Welcome back! Hope u enjoyed the last episode? I guarantee this one is going to throw up a few surprises!

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Episode 8

The phone kept beeping amongst the heap of clothes lying scattered on the bed. Maame screamed out in frustration as she tried to find it in the mess. At last she did find it, the beeping was a message from her sister. “Finally”, she thought out to herself. She really needed help in cleaning up this mess she had created, all in the name of clearing out her wardrobe. she surprised herself with just how many clothes she had!

She screamed out again after reading the message, “arrrgh”

Yayra wasn’t coming, not only that, she wanted Maame to come meet her at her boyfriend’s house. 

“This girl paaa!”

And this her faceless boyfriend, all she kept hearing was Sarpong…Sarpong …Sarpong, yet she had never once met him. 

But it wasn’t like Yayra to just cancel an appointment, and it certainly wasn’t like her to ask her to meet her up anywhere without an explanation. She tried calling but she wasn’t answering. A few minutes later however, she received a WhatsApp message with Google map directions. Grunting and moaning to herself, she grudgedly headed for the shower, but not before grabbing her phone, scrolling through the contacts and sending a text of her own. She lingered a bit wondering whether to call, but thought against it before checking to see if a reply had come yet. She waited a few more seconds, then threw the phone back on the bed and entered the shower.

Yayra and Sarpong hardly spoke on their way back to Sarpong’s place. They didn’t talk much when they got inside either. Sarpong tried to break the ice as he sat on the armrest of the couch she was seated in. Placing an arm around her neck he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry”. She pushed his hand away and sat cross-legged facing the other way.

She had to be honest with herself, she had almost had enough of Sarpong. She hated herself for the way she felt, but it had all started when she started seeing Yao, and that was partly Sarpong’s fault too; if he hadn’t been acting the brat all the time. But this evening, something else had got her mind wondering; Sarpong’s strange reaction when he saw Maame’s picture. He looked like he had seen a ghost. She was as confused as she was angry, but she needed to find out what was going on, so unknown to him, she had texted Yayra to meet her at his place, which wouldn’t be too hard to find especially with the Google map directions she had sent.

Sarpong put a movie on and soon enough they were both engulfed in the action. Sarpong made a few more moves to try and ease the tension. After a few unsuccessful tries, he managed to ease himself into the sofa beside her and she snuggled up against him. Quickly enough, the action on the screens was forgotten, and they started some action of their own; gentle kisses and touches and a couple of moaned apologies from both sides. In fact they were so deep into it that Yayra failed to hear her phone vibrating on the carpeted floor. 
Maame frustratedly banged her hands on her lap. She had followed the directions on google maps and the taxi was now parked in the middle of two houses, that was as far as the map would bring them, but Yayra was not picking up.  How annoying could a sister get!

She turned and muttered a sorry to her male companion beside her on the back seat. The taxi driver was getting a bit impatient now so she paid him and they got out. Standing by the road, she kept calling.

Squirming and moaning in delight, Yayra almost forgot she was angry with Sarpong, and had most certainly forgotten she was waiting for her sister. Grabbing his neck tighter she pulled him closer and then felt her phone vibrating beneath her feet. She pushed him away before jumping up and grabbing ber phone…seven missed calls! She dialled back quickly, 

“Sorry Maame, are you here?”

Sarpong turned at her, “Who is that”? 

Yayra turned to face Sarpong who was shaking with anger now, “I said who is that”! He shouted out no longer able to control his anger. 

“Don’t worry, it’s just my sister, I thought you might want to meet her”,

Yayra had a mischievous grin on her face as she hurried for the door. Sarpong was hot behind her as he tried to stop her from going out. She was too quick for him and before be could stop her she was outside and heading for the gate. Beneath the streetlights behind the wall, she could make out two figures, both she and Sarpong were at the gate now. She opened it and Maame was taken aback as Sarpong was revealed behind the gate, 

“Nana Yaw”! 

Yayra then took one look at the male figure accompanying Maame and gasped, barely audibly blurting out his name, 



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4 thoughts on “Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 8

  1. I must confess I love your story line. it’s action packed. Full of surprises. Nyalemegbe congrats.

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