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Season Opener! Moments of Bliss-Season 2…episode 1

Welcome back to a new Season of Moments of Bliss! I promised we wouldnt be gone for too long, and here we are!!

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Episode 1…

located on the same luxurious stretch of beach as The Labadi Beach and La Palm Royal hotels, Kumasamba Labamba was as cosy and quiet as Night beaches come; serene and with an excellent view of the coast from the bar.

I had arrived in Accra a little before five AM and headed straight home from the VIP station. As I lay in bed I reminisced…

Yayra…What a sweet night it had been. We might have been locked up together far longer than the thirty minutes that we were,had the security man not come snooping around. Yayra had felt uncomfortable because of the sounds coming from outside the door; Seidu had chosen that exact opportune moment to eat his supper directly outside my office door. 

Soon after, as we left the building together, hands wrapped tightly in one another’s, she looked shyly up at me, “So what are we”?

I squeezed her hands assuringly,”What’s up with your boyfriend”?

Her face contorted a little, “Why are you asking me that”?

“Eii! I don’t want anyone to beat me oo”, I giggled slightly, ” I would really like to date you but you need to sort things out with him first”, I continued…She turned to me, “I still love him, I’m confused”

“Take your time dear, I’m here for you”, I assured her before stopping a taxi to take her home. Then I stopped a trotro to take me to the Asafo market to pick a bus to Accra.

Sitting on bench waiting for Ekua to arrive at the beach,my mind went back to my conversation with Yayra the night before…

“What’s up with your boyfriend”?, I had asked.

‘Herrrh, but chale, I get format oo”…I sniggered to myself”…”Make she stay where she dey naa, make I dey clear for side small small”

Ekua was running a bit late, it was a cold night, and the droplets of sea water showering on my face felt good even as I rubbed my palms together to keep them warm.

I ordered a bottle of water as I waited, admiring the spectacular view of the waves splashing up against the shore. 

A few minutes later, the dark was illuminated by the headlights of salon car pulling up behind me in the carpark. Just then, my phone chirped,

“I’m Here”

Ekua looked lovely in an African print dress, with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. I walked up to her and hugged her tightly before leading her to a bench up on some rocks overlooking the beach.

We ordered a malt drink each and a plate of fried yam and chicken to share. We didn’t talk much; we sat with her head resting on my shoulders and holding hands, taking in the nice view and cool breeze.

I attempted breaking the uneasy silence once every often by making comments about the beach, the food, and even the stars…(pointing at one very obvious star, I asked, “isn’t that a plane”?…)

It was almost as if she wished she didn’t have to be here, and would rather be elsewhere. This definitely wasnt the kind of romantic beach hang out I had envisaged a week ago. 

I leaned closer to her, my cheeks almost against hers, but she held her hand up and gently pushed me away. I put my hand around her shoulder and though she didn’t ask me to take it off, she made no reciprocal reaction whatsoever.

“Is everything ok”?, I asked. “Yeh”, she responded with no emotion. “Do you want another drink”?, I tried again. “No” was her response. Getting frustrated, I asked again, “are you sure you are alright”? She nodded without a sound. I stood up to stretch my legs a bit and motioned to the waiter for the bill. Then my phone rang. I brought it out to check; ‘Yayra’. I muted it and placed it back in my pocket. It rang again, and again…and again…each time I muted it. Then it rang again, “Pick it up eh”? Ekua said looking up at me.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s my cousin, she is worrying me for money” I replied and sat back down waiting for the waiter. Then it rang again, this time I muted it without even taking it out of my pocket. But Yayra wouldn’t give up and kept on ringing, each time I had to keep silencing it. 

“Just pick up and tell your cousin something eh”!…Ekua burst out again.

In my head, I was going frantic with anxiety…

‘Chale, Yayra koraa nso adɛn?! She should wait small let me get home koraa eh…tsooo!’

After two more rings, I switched the phone off, by which time the waiter had brought the bill. I paid him and asked Ekua if she was ready to leave. She shrugged and stood up, “let’s go”.She insisted on driving me home, even though it was quite a distance in the opposite direction from her house. 

We sat in the car, parked outside my grandfather’s house where I stayed whenever I was in Accra. 

We sat a while without speaking then she broke the silence….

“Yao, who was in your room with you the other day when I called you”?

“When”,? I answered back puzzled.

“Don’t lie Yao, I heard her voice, she said she was leaving because her sister had come”

‘Shieeeee! Chale I for think fast’, I thought to myself. I tried to look puzzled for a few more seconds to buy time…”Aaaaah, I remember, it was the bɔrla woman, she came to pick the bɔrla.”

Even before the words were out of my mouth, I knew I had ‘done some serious yawa…’

“Really!, bɔrla woman? your bedroom?…” Before she could go on, her phone rang…”Hello…”…she giggled a little before saying, “OK, I will be there soon”…and then replied “me too” to something else which was said on the line.

“I need to go, say hi to the bɔrla woman ok”, she sarcastically rounded up, before waiting for me to alight, before driving off…

It was almost midnight…



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16 thoughts on “Season Opener! Moments of Bliss-Season 2…episode 1

  1. Are u sure u had switched off the phone?? Yayra must have heard all what transpired and I’m sure she will be thrilled u called her borla woman😬

  2. Hmmmm.. what excuse are you going to give Yayra for not picking up her call?
    And do you think Ekua is into someone else now?

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