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Moments of Bliss-the story…season Finale…episode 10 

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This episode is the season Finale, but don’t worry, unlike the Game of Thrones, there won’t be too much of a long wait…😀😀


“Kofi!…kofi!!”…”Kofi! Kɔ dware wonti!”
There was never peace with these kids running all over the place. They were a family of five; two children,mum,dad and grandma. For me these were the most unfortunate of neighbours to share a compound with; there was never any space on the drying line to hang my laundry, and these kids were just too much trouble!

I opened the window, and the early morning sun beamed in…Kofi and his mother never failed to wake me up each morning. I picked my phone up and WhatsApped Ekua,

“Good morning dear”… then scrolled to Yayra,…”wake up”!

Ekua replied…, “Gm” and then was back offline. 

Ekua seemed to be giving me a bit of a cold shoulder over the past couple of days; she didn’t WhatsApp as often as she used to, especially those first few days after our ‘breakup’. She had seemed so eager to make up for ‘hurting me’. Even when I was ignoring her calls that night, she kept at it, and the next day she had almost cried when we talked about it, begging me to let it go…

“Ɛnti afei adɛn?…why she start dey flex so? mtcheeew”…muttering under my breath and looking for my tooth brush, I rushed to reach the phone when it chirped again…But it wasn’t Ekua…It was Yayra…

“Morning handsome”

“Oh!…but this girl paa…abi I no sheda fine like that.”? I grinned to myself. I had found my toothbrush but now couldn’t find the toothpaste.

I texted Yayra back quickly and then headed for the shower.

After my encounter with Yayra, there were only two things which could have happened; either things would become very awkward between us, or we would become very close…We became close…so close in fact that I ran the unfortunate risk of being friend zoned; she talked to me everytime about her boyfriend…Kwame this…Kwame that…They still hadn’t made up and it had been a week since she had come into my room that evening.

Point is, I didn’t want to know about Kwame, unless of course it was about him hurting her again, and she needing comforting, which I was more than eager to give.

I came out of the shower and saw I had received another WhatsApp from Yayra,

“I’m going to town this morning, can you please give me a lift”? 

I said it wasn’t a problem.

I had borrowed Karim’s car the previous day after work for a little drive about with Frank and the boys, and hadn’t yet returned it; he would pick it up after work today before I left for Accra.
The day went by quickly and soon it was five. I had just got off the phone with Ekua; she had finally called or rather returned my four unanswered calls from earlier on in the day. And it was a brief conversation too, she wanted to confirm if I would still be over for the weekend, since we already had planned to see one another. Then my phone chirped… 

“I’m still in town, have you left”?

Yayra wanted to come over and see me at the office since I wouldn’t be around over the weekend. 

Soon everyone else was gone, and I was left alone with the security man. It was almost half past 6, and I was still waiting for Yayra . I walked up to the window and then my phone chirped, “I’m outside ” 

I asked the security man to allow her in and then we went to my office at the back. She gave me a hug and settled down in a seat, “I’m tired oo”. I asked her about how her day had been. I set about clearing my table as she told me about a very eventful day out running errands. 

Being a Friday, there was bound to be some traffic before eight so we kept talking to while away the time…She had a lot to say, and thankfully nothing about Kwame.

I brought out some chocolates from the fridge and offered her a bar. She put a piece in her mouth and then offered me the rest of the bar. I shook my head, pointing at her mouth, “I want that one”

“Noooo”, it’s already in my mouth she said, and broke off another piece from the bar and put it in my mouth. I held her hand and sucked her fingers, then broke off another piece and placed it in her mouth, “I want that one”, I said again playfully, and she turned her face around laughing, ” I said noo”.

I leant forward towards her,… “what are you doing”?, she said without turning away. “I want the chocolate”, I said, and then without stopping to think, I kissed her. She pushed me back a little, but then paused a second as if to think of something and then kissed me back. I pulled her off the seat and leaned her up against the wall…There was a definite sense of unfinished business as we clung unto each other. I reached out and flicked the lights out with my right hand, whilst with my left I felt for the button on her jeans. She helped me out and loosened her belt, I felt around her for a moment before unzipping her trousers and gently sliding them down towards her knees, and then she did the rest. I led her gently away from the wall towards the table, so thankfully cleared already,and arched behind her. By then my trousers were already down over my knees. 

As I thrust forward gently,her eyes bulged and she gave a gentle moan…


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