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Moments of Bliss-Season 3…episode 3

Here we go again!

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Episode 3

Flicking the airconditioner switch on, I dragged my shirt back over my head and then flung myself onto the bed.

I pulled the curtains closer together to darken the room even more, and then switched the television on. I tuned into a movie channel, and lay my head back on the pillows staring up at the ceiling. After a few moments of blankness, I noticed the shower had stopped running; this meant she was done and would be back in the bedroom any moment. I quickly pulled off my jeans and dragged a pair of shorts on. Opening the wardrobe I fingered around a little before I found what I was looking for; I quickly ripped the pack open and pulled a packet out, stuffing it quickly into my back pocket. It was at that moment that she walked in from the bathroom dressed up in a pair of shorts and a see through black spaghetti-strap top. 

Walking towards me she gave me a hug before lying down on the bed and rolling towards the edge against the wall. She turned a quick flash towards me before reaching for the cover cloth and slowly pulled it over her body, and then finally over her head. 

laying down beside her I slid my hand beneath the sheets, resting it on her knee, and then with my other hand, I turned her over. She rolled over, seemingly a bit hesistant, and stared me in the eye for a few seconds. By this point my hands were rubbing on her thighs, inching up from the starting position on her knee. She had started squirming and making little sounds of pleasure now, but as I reached my hands further up, she reached down and held my hand tight, moving them away from the zipper and button on her shorts.

I moved my hand and rested it on her shoulder, gently playing with the strap of her top. She had a cold, hard look on her face, but her body movements beneath the sheets betrayed her demeanor.

In other words, her body seemed willing, but her mind wasn’t…or was it?

I slid the strap gently down her shoulder, playfully tickling her along the way. Her eyes closed as she let out a gentle sigh. With my other hand I gently slid up her top, revealing her belly button, with which I started to play. But again, just when it seemed she was ready to let herself go, she again stopped me by holding my hand which had wandered from on top of her navel back down to her shorts button. She turned to face me again, and as she did I cupped her chin in my hands and drew closer towards her lips, her eyes closing as my lips touched hers. They were soft and wet, and her hands reached out to hold me around the neck drawing me even closer. But as my chest touched her breasts, she again seemed startled by something and pushed me slowly away. It was as if something was on her mind and bothering her. She didn’t keep me wondering any longer though, 

“baby, I need a favour”, I nodded for her to continue, “I need ten thousand cedis for a project”.

I almost gagged, but kept a cool face. 

“what for”? I could barely conceal the giggle almost coming out of my mouth.

“For a project I’m starting, just let me know if you can get it for me, I will give you the details later”.

In my mind, I was shaking my head, but I nodded at her and said I would see what I could do. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek, ” even if it’s less, eight thousand ‘koraa’ I can manage it.”

I smiled at her and replied, “no worries baby, I’ll see what I can do”, and then slid my hand back into the sheets, this time reaching straight for the zipper, and with my lips I reached for the spaghetti strap on her shoulder, licking her gently as I rolled it over her arm. She didn’t resist this time as I pulled the zip all the way down, undoing the button as well. By now my tongue was in the gap between her breasts and her moans of delight were louder now than just a few sighs.

Gently slipping down her shorts with one hand, and expertly sliding up her top with the other, I definitely gave a new angle to the meaning of ambidextrousity. 

With her shorts on her ankles and her top all but off her body, I was startled when she again held my hand and gave me another push; do you have protection?

I smiled to myself as I reached into my back pocket, “of course I do”…

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Moments of Bliss-Season 3…episode 2

I’ve been away for a few months, but we’re back!

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Episode 2


…It was simple, all she expected from any guy who wanted to go out with her was that he would take care of her expenses; which she listed below as follows…

Her school fees (First Degree Nursing)



And also, she needed a television and air conditioner…


Those were the first words that came to mind, and I was just short of saying it out loud, but I restrained myself and kept an unfazed composure.

At this point, the only thing worse than her list was the fact that she seemed to think she was perfectly within her rights to demand such things!

Truth is I wasn’t the least bit fazed, I had found myself in similar situations many times before, and the template was always the same; play along for a while, flash a few Cedis or create such an illusion to draw her in, and then once she thought she had sucked you in deep enough, you struck first, leaving a clean pair of heels behind you; Classic sucker punch.

This was a previously tried and tested method, with a hundred percent success rate so far, but with Ewurama, I had hit a snag I hadn’t bargained for. She was no novice to this game, in fact she seemed to be so experienced that for each card I played she seemed to have a pack of aces waiting up her sleeve. To start with, I think she realized I wasn’t your average “mugu”, and so played a very patient game with me. What she didn’t know was that I was the spirit of patience itself; I could play the devil to the waiting game and would win.

Days stretched to months and soon enough a whole year had gone by, and all we had done together were a few pizza dates, a couple of visits to the movies and I think that was it.

If she thought I was actually going to pay her fees, when I was scarcely able to afford my own further studies, she had gravely misjudged me, because from the moment those words left her lips, I had determined not to fall victim to this rare species of gold digger.

Naturally, with me not fulfilling the terms of her contract, and with her not giving me any real pressure, we drifted apart, so far apart that it had been over a year we had heard from each other, when I got her text.

“Hi honey. Hope u good? I Know I’ve been a bad partner but I’ve been so busy with some stuff. I’m a bit free now so I thought it wise to contact you so we talk. Forgive me, but I’ve always loved you.”

I instantly recognized this as a scam of some sort, but a part of me felt I had a bit of unfinished business to carry out, and so I responded, and decided to take the game to her this time. I had to act quickly; I was in Accra for the weekend and was due to return to Kumasi the following day.

The plan was to convince her to come along with me, but in order for it to work, I had to create the illusion of me flashing the Cedis around, “abi you know dada”?

Knowing she probably wouldn’t want to travel the long journey by coach, and knowing her taste for the high life, I called in a few favours and managed to get two Star bow tickets to Kumasi.

True to expectation, she didn’t sound at all enthused when I suggested a coach ride to Kumasi. However, when I chipped in the fact that I had two air tickets booked for the purpose, she suddenly became very interested in the trip.

I made the necessary “preparations” both in Accra and in Kumasi for when we arrived; I had a pick up waiting at the airport with my “driver” on standby to take us home. It is in such situations that the most invaluable friends play the most crucial of roles.

On arrival, we were chauffeured first to get her pizza and chicken and then home. When we got home, there was a “messenger” waiting for me in front of my flat with a special order of ice cream for the lady. At this point you could almost touch the admiration in her eyes. I must admit I was mightily impressed myself at the level of first rate acting my most reliable of lieutenants came up with to create such a perfect illusion of affluence and extravagance, which was so crucial to the task at hand.

I escorted her inside to the bedroom and then took leave to see the “driver” off. Back downstairs and in the pick-up, we were joined by Frank, my supposed “messenger” who couldn’t keep back his laughter, ” herh, but chale she fine oo” Sarpong, who was my “driver” agreed with him, ” the chic fine muom” …

We had a good laugh together and then I left them to go back upstairs.

I could hear her in the shower as I entered the hall. It was rather hot inside and so I took off my shirt and with a mixed feeling of excitement and expectation, I headed for the bedroom…



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Moments Of Bliss-Season 3…episode 1

Welcome to Season Three of Moments of Bliss!

Follow me as we find out how Yao is going to get over his disappointment with Ekua.

And of course, you didnt think Frank and the boys were just gonna vanish into thin air did you?!

One thing I can guarantee you is suspense!



Episode 1



I first met Ewurama three years ago, back when I used to work in Accra.

It was a Friday night, and together with Rockson, who was a colleague from work, I was on my way home from an after-work hang out. Rockson was at the wheel, and we were driving through Abelenkpe to join the highway towards the Kwame Nkrumah Circle when we saw her. She was walking in the opposite direction to us, holding a pack of food.

Light skinned with braided her, the reflection from the street lights above made her glow even more. Rockson slowed down as we both tried to get a proper look as she walked by, and then fifty metres ahead he braked…

“chale, make we talk to um”.

We had a brief discussion as to who would speak to her, and then agreed that I should, since my window was closest to her. We reversed and came to a stop a couple of metres ahead of her, and then waited as she walked towards us.

We gave her a lift home, and after taking her number we went home ourselves.

This wasn’t love at first sight, not because she wasn’t good looking of course, but maybe because I was in for something other than love. But she was definitely someone I wanted to see more of though.
The usual dates and long calls followed. She was a nurse who had recently gone back to school to further upgrade her qualifications.

We kept seeing each other occasionally for about a month, and then one day she invited me home. She lived around Dzorwulu, in a single room. We spent the evening snacking and watched a movie.

Halfway through the movie, I slipped my hand down the side of her shorts. She moved my hand away, smiled and then got up from the edge of the bed where she had been sitting all this while. Standing and facing me, she asked what I wanted.

“It’s obvious isn’t it”, I replied,  trying to hide my frustration. Her brows furrowed as she replied, “Sex”?

I scoffed, “no, not that,… I want a relationship”

She stood quiet for a moment, and then moved to the wardrobe in the corner and began folding some clothes.

She stayed by the wardrobe for the rest of the time I was there. I left thirty minutes later, but not before she had accepted my proposal, albeit with a few conditions;

It was simple, all she expected from any guy who wanted to go out with her was that he would take care of her expenses; which she listed below as follows…

Her school fees ( First Degree Nursing)



And also, she needed a television and airconditioner…

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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 10…Season Finale.

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Episode 10: Season Finale…

Even though this was the second time she had done this, it somehow felt different this time around; there was a lot more conviction in her voice for one, and it seemed she had given it a lot of thought. She sounded strong, and looked determined when she stared into my eyes without blinking. Perhaps most telling, and that which condemned my heart to defeat, were my own instincts. They told me this was real, and not to fight it, and so I didn’t…well at least eventually.

The first few days were unimaginably difficult. She still called, to ‘check up on me’, sent me messages on Facebook and WhatsApp, and generally tried to keep the lines open. But try as I did, I just couldn’t act tough. I soon found myself begging for a proper explanation; what was wrong with me? Did I do some things she didn’t like?…But she wouldn’t budge, she just kept saying the same things; that we just weren’t right for each other…whatever that meant.

Soon I was asking her to reconsider her decision, which she insisted she couldn’t. It was a painful couple of days which tested my emotional fortitude to the limit, and then miraculously, because I hadn’t expected it to be so soon, I was suddenly able to blank out most of the thoughts and memories.

I still think about her every now and then, and we even met up a few months after for dinner, but it wasn’t the same.

Sometimes I wonder what could have been, but I guess some things are just not meant to be.

And Ekua wasn’t…
It wasn’t soon after that I moved on, and the story I’m going to tell you next has some rather incredulous details, some which may seem exaggerated, but which I assure you, are accurate to the very last last detail.
It was the last day of the Easter holidays, which I had been spending with my parents and brother somewhere in the Eastern Region. It was late evening and we had just finished the usual holiday ritual of fufu and light soup, when my phone started ringing. It was Ewurama. I muted it, lay my head back on the pillow, ignoring the subsequent vibrations which meant she was still calling.

I woke up some minutes later realising I had dozed off. Checking my phone, I saw I had a few whatsApp notifications including one from Ewurama…

“Hi honey. Hope u good? I Know I’ve been a bad partner but I’ve been so busy with some stuff. I’m a bit bit free now so I thought it wise to contact you so we talk. Forgive me, but I’ve always loved you.”

This was strange, especially since I hadn’t  heard from Ewurama in over a year, but knowing Ewurama, I think I knew what she was up to…


Watch out for season 3!!!.

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HIGH SCHOOL (Book 4)…Project, disco weeding and bila!

​The rest of the week went by without incident and soon again it was Friday. The suspended boys and girls had left and everything went back to normal. 

I was in math class and was very hungry! This was murder;  how long were we expected to wait between meals over here? We had breakfast at nine, and even though we had a break around twelve, it wasn’t as if I had money to spend at the canteen! My Dad just didn’t see the need.

“There’s dining isn’t there?

And you’ve got your provisions”?

That was in response to me asking him for pocket money the day he dropped me off. So all I had on me was a 5000 Cedi note which my mum had given me. That money left me the very first night; Mr Akpadie came around just before lights out and collected money from each and every one of us ostensibly to buy padlocks and brooms for the House. 

A week later, ten padlocks, one for each dorm were shown to us and a bundle of about six brooms. 

Finally, the siren went off; that meant it was Two, and time for lunch. I rushed off to the dorm to get my plate and cutlery and made for the dining hall. We had rice again, but with beans stew this time, which was much better than the soupy stew.

Half an hour later, I was back in the dorm and lying on my bed. Siesta, they called it, and it wasn’t optional. This was just another opportunity for those bullies to make more sardines off some unlucky junior who so much as blinked when he was supposed to be fast asleep snoring. I was in no mood to part with any more of my food, so I covered myself with a blanket and lay down as still as a rock. I often wondered how on earth they thought it possible for anyone to get any decent piece of rest in less than twenty minutes. Soon, the siren went off again and the bullies were back at it, threatening fire and brimstone on those who dared oversleep for even a second. 

It was scrubbing time. Thank God tomorrow was Saturday! Finally a chance to get some proper sleep I thought, but alas! I was wrong.

I was exhausted when I got back from prep that night and went straight to bed, but it felt like I had barely been asleep a minute, when I heard the loud clapping. For a few moments I thought I was dreaming. A minute later, a stinging pain seared across my back, I jumped up and instinctively shouted out, turning around I found myself face to face with the senior dorm monitor.  His name was ‘Terror’ and I think I understood why,

“Report downstairs”, he shouted and moved on to wake another poor soul up.Downstairs in our pyjamas we looked a groggy sight. Terror soon appeared on the corridor upstairs together with Sly.

“Go and get your cutlasses and come back down in three minutes, we’re going for project”!

The word project usually brings to mind images of some scientific experiment in a lab, but in Triple H College, the word had a totally different meaning. 

I think it’s time I introduced you to our school motto, ‘Head, Heart, Hand’. Head was meant to signify book knowledge, which obviously was why we were here. Heart stood for moral uprightness and love for our neighbours, which was all very well, but Hand, that was the one component of our motto, which I sincerely believe had been deliberately misinterpreted. Of all the things the hand could be used for, our masters conveniently chose to see this as a call for work; hard work or more aptly put, weeding. From the first day I knew all that grass was a bad sign, it looked almost like it had been grown that way on purpose.

Triple H College was definitely no paradise for a first former.

We trudged along behind Terror, headed in the direction of the football field. The other boys’ houses were lined up along the field up the road from Trost, and I could just make out the figures of lots of other forlorn-looking boys dragging their cutlasses along and headed in the same direction. Clearly, we weren’t the only ones whose sleep had been curtailed. Terror came to a stop in front of the football pole directly facing Trost and then raised his hands, signalling us to a stop. Then in his booming voice he announced, 

“Trost boys are to take from this pole to the centre, I expect you to finish in thirty minutes so I can inspect”

Thirty minutes!!! Even with the forty of us here, this looked like a one week job at the least. 

Over on the other side, the boys of Lincoln House had already started clearing up their portions, and it took another yelled threat from Terror to get us working.

I stared at the long piece of sharp metal in my hands. I was familiar with a cutlass, just that I wasn’t familiar with how to use one. I’d tried swinging one before; back home it had looked pretty easy seeing my elder brothers clear the back yard, and so I’d taken a swing myself. I ended up almost taking my head off that time!

I looked over to my left and saw Elvis bent over swinging his cutlass with such ease. Elvis was big and tall with huge muscles, and looked like someone who’d been in this business from the day he was born. Around me, it was comforting to see lots of the others finding it rather difficult swinging theirs own cutlasses. James, who was standing just in front of me had gone on his knees and grabbed a huge tuft of grass, and was busily cutting away like it was a piece of bread. Some of the other boys who clearly found this rather amusing had gathered around and were cheering him on. He didn’t get to feel  good about himself for too long though; Terror, who we all thought had gone off into the darkness somewhere, suddenly appeared from nowhere and landed a well-placed punch somewhere between his shoulder and back , 

“get up and weed the thing properly, do you think we are here to joke”?!

The others quickly scattered and I hurriedly moved on to make myself look busy. That was my plan; to loiter around and hope the others finished up quick enough for me to go and get some sleep. My plan might have just worked perfectly if William hadn’t happened to be weeding around the same spot I’d wondered over to. 
William still hadn’t forgotten about his food we’d stolen on the first night, and was even more incensed over the fact that we’d somehow gotten away with it. 

“Hey! Why aren’t you weeding”? He blurted over at me. 

“Comot for der!” I yelled back in pidgin. 

William promptly dropped his cutlass and walked off towards Terror. I don’t know what he told him but Terror was up on me in a flash. 

Grabbing me by the scuff of the neck he dragged me off to a patch of devilish looking grass. Spreading out his arms in a sweeping motion, he graphically marked out an area, 

“Finish this, I’m waiting for you”.  True to his word, Terror wasn’t going anywhere. 

I didn’t have muscles like Elvis, but it couldn’t be that difficult. I lifted my skinny arm back and aimed at a particularly stubborn looking patch of weeds. My cutlass got stuck in the mud around the tuft. Looking over my shoulder I could see Terror shaking his head and looking very menacing. I aimed another blow at the patch and this time my cutlass came bouncing back in a shower of sparks; I’d struck a stone this time. I wasn’t giving up, I raised my arm once more, but before I could bring it back down, I felt the cutlass pulled right out of my grip. Spinning around, I would have given anything for it to have been Terror standing behind me, but there stood Mr. Akpadie!

“You’ think we’re playing here boy”?!

He handed my cutlass back and marched me off in the direction of the hedges on the edges of the field, where a few other boys were already at work.
The hedge trimming was a much easier exercise and I’d trimmed almost a whole row before the sun began to come up. Behind me, the Trost plot was diminishing thick and fast.

With the rising of the sun, came a species of animal which we’d previously not noticed; perhaps because it had been too dark to do so. They looked somewhere between a cross of grass cutter and house rat. I’d never seen one before, but from the way some of the boys started chasing them around, I knew this had to be some really good edible stuff, and promptly joined in the chase. Even Terror and the other seniors supposed to be supervising us joined in the chase. Together with James and Livingstone, I managed to cut down about three of them. The appearance of these pseudo-rats brought our project to an abrupt end and those of us victorious in the hunt brandished high our capture. Soon we were performing a different kind of project on the lifeless specimens. Around us on the front lawns, the other hunters were busily preparing their capture too. 

Several little fires sprung up and several little rat-like bodies roasted upon them. It was a good thing Mr Akpadie was out in town else we’d have had more than just a little explaining to worry about.

These rats tasted quite good; almost like chicken. Someone said they were called bila.

Whatever it was, I didn’t care, this was some really tasty meat!     

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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 9

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Episode 9

I was just about dozing off when I got Maame’s text message. 

I jumped out of bed and quickly pulled on my jeans before splashing some water on my face, and squeezing some pepsodent toothpaste into my mouth. 

The message was short and tempting, and with hindsight, a bit misleading…

It read, “Come take me out”

I hadn’t been to Maame’s hostel before, but I knew how to get there. I ran the whole two hundred  metres up the street leading to the main road, from where I would pick a trotro into campus.

It was only when I got onto the trotro that I started thinking things over. I had texted a reply back to let her know I was on my way, but hadn’t even thought of where we would go, or perhaps more importantly, why she had all of a sudden thought up that we go hang out. 

Maybe she was feeling bored, I told myself, or maybe she had started to like me? I smiled to myself as I rehearsed a few lines I might use later on.

She met me a few metres from the front of the hostel. I asked where she would like us to go for what I was thinking would be our first date. Only then did I find out that what she had in mind was not what you could actually call a date; she wanted company to go and see her sister!

On the taxi ride, I got a rather unexpected call, from Ekua. I hit the volume key to silence it since I didn’t want to speak to her with Maame around. 

It was an unexpected even if anticipated call; I was hoping for an explanation at least as to what she had meant by those text messages.

At our destination a few minutes later, and with hell about to break loose, I would have given anything to be back home safe in my bed…The look on Yayra’s face when she saw me at the gate with Maame, who turned out to be her sister, was as close to death as a look could get. Maame didn’t make matters better either with her constant badgering and questioning. Considering she wasn’t entirely innocent in this matter herself, she would have been better of keeping quiet I thought. 

In the midst of the confusion which was brewing, someone mentioned the name Sarpong, and my mind went back to Frank; I had heard him say that name before. 

Well, Nana Yaw, Sarpong or whatever his name was didn’t seem to be taking things particularly  well either, because even though he was pretty much in a spot of bother himself, he kept glancing towards me with a quite menacing look. With Maame caught up trying to extract answers from a visibly mortified Yayra and Sarpong, I took my chance to quietly slip away from what was a situation sure to soon boil over; placing my phone to my ear, I pulled the age old trick of faking a call. I slithered into the darkness beyond the street lights, and soon as I was far enough, I broke into a brisk jog, moving as far away as possible.

Three days later:

Given that Yayra and I lived within the same compound, the past three days had been rather uncomfortable, for the both of us. To begin with, Yayra had refused to pick any of my calls since, and seemed to be making a great effort to avoid me as well. She had also blocked me on WhatsApp.
Her boyfriend wouldn’t have connected the dots to figure out that Yayra had slept with me, but the Maame agenda was definitely through the window now; what rotten luck to be caught hitting on two girls who turned out to be sisters! 

It was Friday and I was going to Accra. I had returned Ekua’s call the night I had made my escape from the debacle. She told me everything about the text messages; and the fact that she had spoken to some people about me. I asked if she would be free on Saturday so we could catch a movie at the Silverbird Cinema, to which she replied yes. This was the reason why I was going to Accra. It would also be the first time we would be seeing each other since our kiss. I still thought about it, the memory of that night was so raw, and I had a lot of expectations for tomorrow night when we went to the movies. I had it all planned out in my head; another passionate kiss, I hoped, or even anticipated.

Later that night when I arrived in Accra, I called Ekua to let her know I had come, and also to find out if she was free to hang out for the night. She said she wasn’t though, and so I just stayed home for the night, a bit tired from my five hour bus ride. 

We were supposed to meet up at the mall around five PM, but by 5.30, I still hadn’t heard from her, so I called to find out where she was. She said she was in the office helping a friend fill out some forms. She seemed a bit distracted whilst talking to me, and I could hear a male voice in the background before she hung up, saying she would call me as soon as she was ready.

I hung around a bit, window shopping till finally she called me a few minutes after six to tell me she was on her way. Soon later she finally did arrive.

We watched The new X-men movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I tried sneaking quick kisses in between scenes, but each time she casually pushed me away. She wasn’t as lively as she usually was around me, and I soon gave up on trying to kiss her. After the movie we had a cup of coffee at the 2nd Cup café downstairs and had a little chat. She was a little more animated now, and we talked quite a bit till it was late. 

It was around ten PM when we finally did leave the mall in her car; she offered to drop me off at 37, since her house was in another direction and it was a bit too late for her to drop me off first. 

She parked at the bus stop in front of the 37 Catholic Church, and just as I was about to say my goodbyes, she asked me to wait and that she had something to tell me. She shifted uncomfortably in her seet for a moment and then turned to face me,

“Yao, I don’t think we should see each other anymore”…

My heart sunk and sunk even deeper as she explained her decision. She said after a lot of thought and consultation, and even though she liked me a lot, we couldn’t be together, but she hoped we could remain good friends. 

I tried to act alright, and told her I was okay with her decision. I opened the door to let myself out, but she stopped me and asked for a hug first, joking,

“You dierr you are not romantic koraaa”

I held her close for a few seconds and then let myself out, promising to call her when I got home.

Outside, the air was cool and dry. I started walking away into the dark, and then turned around briefly and saw she was still parked. I stood still and waited for a while. A few moments later she drove off…

Almost fighting back tears, I stood and watched as the person I had so often imagined would be the love of my life moved away and out of my life…

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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 8

Welcome back! Hope u enjoyed the last episode? I guarantee this one is going to throw up a few surprises!

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Episode 8

The phone kept beeping amongst the heap of clothes lying scattered on the bed. Maame screamed out in frustration as she tried to find it in the mess. At last she did find it, the beeping was a message from her sister. “Finally”, she thought out to herself. She really needed help in cleaning up this mess she had created, all in the name of clearing out her wardrobe. she surprised herself with just how many clothes she had!

She screamed out again after reading the message, “arrrgh”

Yayra wasn’t coming, not only that, she wanted Maame to come meet her at her boyfriend’s house. 

“This girl paaa!”

And this her faceless boyfriend, all she kept hearing was Sarpong…Sarpong …Sarpong, yet she had never once met him. 

But it wasn’t like Yayra to just cancel an appointment, and it certainly wasn’t like her to ask her to meet her up anywhere without an explanation. She tried calling but she wasn’t answering. A few minutes later however, she received a WhatsApp message with Google map directions. Grunting and moaning to herself, she grudgedly headed for the shower, but not before grabbing her phone, scrolling through the contacts and sending a text of her own. She lingered a bit wondering whether to call, but thought against it before checking to see if a reply had come yet. She waited a few more seconds, then threw the phone back on the bed and entered the shower.

Yayra and Sarpong hardly spoke on their way back to Sarpong’s place. They didn’t talk much when they got inside either. Sarpong tried to break the ice as he sat on the armrest of the couch she was seated in. Placing an arm around her neck he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry”. She pushed his hand away and sat cross-legged facing the other way.

She had to be honest with herself, she had almost had enough of Sarpong. She hated herself for the way she felt, but it had all started when she started seeing Yao, and that was partly Sarpong’s fault too; if he hadn’t been acting the brat all the time. But this evening, something else had got her mind wondering; Sarpong’s strange reaction when he saw Maame’s picture. He looked like he had seen a ghost. She was as confused as she was angry, but she needed to find out what was going on, so unknown to him, she had texted Yayra to meet her at his place, which wouldn’t be too hard to find especially with the Google map directions she had sent.

Sarpong put a movie on and soon enough they were both engulfed in the action. Sarpong made a few more moves to try and ease the tension. After a few unsuccessful tries, he managed to ease himself into the sofa beside her and she snuggled up against him. Quickly enough, the action on the screens was forgotten, and they started some action of their own; gentle kisses and touches and a couple of moaned apologies from both sides. In fact they were so deep into it that Yayra failed to hear her phone vibrating on the carpeted floor. 
Maame frustratedly banged her hands on her lap. She had followed the directions on google maps and the taxi was now parked in the middle of two houses, that was as far as the map would bring them, but Yayra was not picking up.  How annoying could a sister get!

She turned and muttered a sorry to her male companion beside her on the back seat. The taxi driver was getting a bit impatient now so she paid him and they got out. Standing by the road, she kept calling.

Squirming and moaning in delight, Yayra almost forgot she was angry with Sarpong, and had most certainly forgotten she was waiting for her sister. Grabbing his neck tighter she pulled him closer and then felt her phone vibrating beneath her feet. She pushed him away before jumping up and grabbing ber phone…seven missed calls! She dialled back quickly, 

“Sorry Maame, are you here?”

Sarpong turned at her, “Who is that”? 

Yayra turned to face Sarpong who was shaking with anger now, “I said who is that”! He shouted out no longer able to control his anger. 

“Don’t worry, it’s just my sister, I thought you might want to meet her”,

Yayra had a mischievous grin on her face as she hurried for the door. Sarpong was hot behind her as he tried to stop her from going out. She was too quick for him and before be could stop her she was outside and heading for the gate. Beneath the streetlights behind the wall, she could make out two figures, both she and Sarpong were at the gate now. She opened it and Maame was taken aback as Sarpong was revealed behind the gate, 

“Nana Yaw”! 

Yayra then took one look at the male figure accompanying Maame and gasped, barely audibly blurting out his name, 


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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 7

Happy Boxing day! I’ve been away for quite a while, but finally episode 7 is here! And I’m so sorry for keeping you all waiting.

It’s time to catch up with our friends Yao, Ekua, Frank, Yayra, Sarpong et al and as always they are up to no good!

So sit back, relax and enjoy😀

Episode 7

So Maame was one of those girls you took a punt on once in a while; she was pretty, no, scratch that…she was hot! she was one of those who would either say yes or no, but there was no way you could tell till you went all in. 

It was a bit awkward at first; you know the whole introduction thing, but thank God for WhatsApp, it made these things a whole lot easier these days.

“I wasn’t dating, neither did I have any serious plans of doing so, not until I met her that is…she got me thinking again”.

That’s what I had told Maame when she asked if I had a girlfriend. These were well rehearsed lines I used ever so often, as was the follow up line to the question,

“how come you aren’t dating”?  

That was easy, 

“my girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago.”

Then they would ask why? Then I would bring up the emotionally wrenching story of she leaving me to get married to an older man. It worked all the time; and it worked a treat with Maame; she would call every now and then to check if I was doing ok. I felt I was drawing closer to this lady, and these feelings were threatening to come in the way of Yayra and I.

Yayra it seemed to me was a bit distant of late. She no longer called as often as she used to. She almost didn’t seem bothered anymore. It had only been four months but it already seemed we had been going out forever, and if I didn’t know better I would have said she was seeing someone else. Or was she? She had been acting a bit strange all day, and then suddenly she threw our plans of going to my place together out of the window. To be fair, they weren’t exactly ‘our plans’; more of what I had cooked up in my head, but I believe I am entitled to think I could take my girlfriend home after a successful make up session, don’t you think? So naturally I was pissed when she started talking of having to go meet her sister and all that. I didnt quite believe her, and when her phone rang, my eyes darted to the screen to try and catch a glimpse of who was calling, and that’s when she practically shrugged it in my face, 

” look, I told you, It’s my sister, she’s calling”.

 To say my heart sunk would be a very underwhelming statement. It practically ceased to exist the moment my brain processed the image smiling back at me from Yayra’s phone screen.

“Tha…tha…thaat’s your sister”?, I blurted out trying unsuccessfully to hide my surprise and fear.

For a second it seemed like Yayra had a suspicious look on her face, which was confirmed when she asked why I looked shocked. Having slightly gained my composure back, I smiled and looked at her with a forced confused look about my face, ” what are you talking about”?. “She’s really beautiful”, I kept smiling to mask my shock.

Still looking unconvinced and perhaps a bit guilty of having to let me down, Yayra came up with what she thought was the best possible compromise, beaming up at me she said, “you know what, why don’t you come with me and let’s help my sister? and then I promise I will come and stay the night with you”.

For the second time that evening my heart almost gave up on me; this time it probably sunk lower than my balls, and was refusing to come back up. And from the second time also that evening, Yayra stared at me with a very puzzled look on her face, and also a hint of anger mixed with frustration, ” what is it about my sister? Why do you keep doing this”? 

I had to keep on top of things and fired my own salvo to mask what was happening, ” you koraa, what is all this? You know what, just go! I’ll go home alone, don’t worry about it”

Something I said must have tickled her because she took out her phone, typed a message for about a minute or so and then turned to me, let’s go.

I wanted to ask her if she didn’t need to go to her sister’s anymore, but the look on her face changed my mind. I stopped a taxi and gave the driver the directions, and off we went in silence…

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Moments Of Bliss-Season 2…episode 6 

It’s a pleasure writing these stories, and it’s all because of YOU, you make it worth while. I’m especially grateful for all the kind words and comments, and for all those who’ve followed me recently and liked my stories.

If you enjoy reading this, please share it, and do let me know what you think!

Episode 6
“You don’t think he’s right for me?”

“But You havn’t met him”

“Sorry, wrong message”…

‘Hmmmm’, what was going on? Was Ekua trying to send me some sort of a message? Whatever it was, she had definitely been discussing a relationship of sorts with someone, and whoever it was didn’t approve of it. This wasn’t good; if it wasn’t me she was referring to, it meant there was someone else she was considering. If it was me, then someone somewhere was filling her mind up with ideas. I dialled her number, but after two attempts she didn’t pick up. I shrugged, and then went back to playing scrabble on my phone. 

I hadn’t heard much from Yayra during the day and wondered if she was back home, and so I called her to find out. She said she was on campus with her sister and would let me know when she got home. It was fun what I had going on with Yayra, and even though she had a boyfriend, and I knew what we had wasn’t right, I didn’t care. She was happy to be with me, and that meant something wasn’t right with her relationship, and I was happy to fill in. Maame maybe could be an ideal alternative if the Ekua thing didn’t work out, because even though Ekua and I had kissed and all that, I still didn’t get the right kind of vibes from her. She was still as much of an enigma as before. There were times when it felt like she was just a hair’s breadth away from saying yes to me, and other times when it felt we were miles apart. The passion in our kiss was real though, and for all the girls I was jumping through at the moment, I knew if Ekua would just accept me, I would forget about the rest of them in an instant. But the problem with Ekua was you just couldn’t tell.

She was really serious with the church thing, and more often than not I could sense she disapproved of my not too enthusiastic spiritual life; not that I wasn’t religious, I was, but she was on a different level; mid week services, bible study classes, and thirty day fasting sessions. So let’s just say my limited spiritual activity did not impress her. She had on more than one occasion intimated that she wanted me to meet her spiritual father.Something in me didn’t trust these spiritual fathers though; I had heard so many stories, and I didn’t feel good about having to go before someone who wasn’t her dad, and who was essentially my age, in order to gain ‘approval’.

I tried linking up Maame again on her WhatsApp, but she was offline. I looked through my window to see if the lights at the back were on, they weren’t, that meant Yayra still wasn’t back. I called Ekua again, but there was still no response, and so I switched the lights out and lay myself back on the bed, my mind drowning in thoughts. 

I pressed send before realizing it was to the wrong person. “Damn”! I switched off the data hoping it would stop the WhatsApp messages from delivering, but it was too late. It had already ticked once, meaning they had been delivered. I switched the data back on and sent another one saying it was a wrong message.

The messages had been meant for Brother Chris, with whom I’d been chatting, but somehow I clicked on Yao, and now hoped to God he would either ignore the messages or not think much of them.

Brother Chris was leader of my weekly Bible study class, and I discussed everything with him. We were both single at this point, and he gave a lot of advice on choosing the right life partner, and this was what I was in for now; I was tired of the whole boyfriend game, I wanted to get married. So I had told him about Yao, and that I was considering saying yes to his proposal. He said we should pray about it, but then he also wanted to meet him too. That was the problem though, because Yao was almost always busy, even when he was in Accra, he was there because of school and rarely had time. 

Yayra and I had been going out for about four months now. I had met her at an auditioning role for a play on campus. She wasn’t a student anymore but lived around. I can’t say we were as serious as we ought to be; I didn’t even know where she lived. I knew she had a sister, but hadn’t even met her. We fought a lot too. For a couple less than half a year together, this was definitely unhealthy. Just a few weeks back we took a break, but then I realised how much I needed her, or wanted her…,so I asked her out so we could have a chat. I took her to the Republic Hall JCR. I liked it there because they had a good pool table and drinks, and lots of meat. I loved meat. We talked a bit and straightened stuff up, and then Frank showed up. Frank is one of those friends who never go away. We’d known one another since our Junior High School days, but he still took fifty Cedis from me to hook me up with a girl. Her name was Maame, and damn! Was she pretty! I know I already had Yayra , but Maame was one of those you didn’t turn away, no matter what. I had already started chatting her up, and I liked her. We were still at the getting to know you stage, but I was thinking of inviting her along to the party next week; I had just won 2k on a bet and was surely going to have a good time with some of the money. 

The plan had been to take Yayra home for the night, but she came up with a story of having to go see her sister and help her pack some stuff.

“Ah! Can’t you see her tomorrow”? I was genuinely annoyed now and was finding it hard to control myself.

“Sarpong please, it has to be today, I will come tomorrow, I promise”, she tried to placate me. 

Her phone started ringing, and she pointed the screen at me, “She’s even calling me”. I looked more closely at the picture on the screen. “Is that her”? I asked frantically. 

“Yes”, she responded.

My heart sunk, It was Maame…